The Art and Science of Comfort Seating

Visionary design and precision engineering have come together to produce a chair so bold, so re-imagined, so comfortable that it exists in a category of its own.

This is no mere office chair.

This is Vaya.


The Most Beautiful, Most Comfortable Office Chair on Earth.

Arising from the design pedigree of the world’s legendary sports cars, Vaya is engineered to maximize your comfort in all seating positions as it adjusts to your every movement. Ken Okuyama, designer of the Ferrari Enzo and the next-generation Maserati, has applied his genius to create an entirely new kind of chair that is as rejuvenating to sit in as it is beautiful to behold.

Engineered for Comfort
Vaya is designed to move with you throughout your day while encouraging healthy, perfectly aligned posture. Crafted in the purest Japanese engineering tradition, Vaya’s every detail has been precisely developed to provide smooth, supple range of motion and firm support. And with the ability to adjust nearly all components of the chair, you will be able to find your comfort and stay energized, creative and productive all day long.

Vaya is available in red and black.

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Legendary Design

Born from the synergy of Japanese design and Italian high-performance, Vaya stands alone as a classically bold statement of visionary precision. Each Vaya chair is a stunning work of art from the mind of award-winning designer Ken Okuyama.

Vaya Limited Edition

Featuring colors and finishes inspired by world-renowned sports cars, Vaya Limited Edition chairs are signed and numbered by the designer, Ken Okyama, and are elegantly appointed with finishing touches in hand-tooled leather.

Exclusively available in the U.S. from Positive Posture Vaya is exclusively available in the U.S. at Positive Posture dealers and at As manufacturers and distributors of the most comfortable furniture on earth, Positive Posture is proud to offer Vaya—an office chair like no other.